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Skip to main content Press Enter. This is an optional, four-character field to further define the Major Groups.

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national cad standards v5 pdf download A second minor group may be used for still further delineation of the data contained on a layer. A typical layer name showing one optional Minor Downloac fi eld: The Discipline Designator denotes the category of subject matter contained on the specified layer. As an example, the Level 2 Discipline Designators doqnload Architectural are shown: Microsoft Word – mso However, any Minor Group may be used to modify any Major Group, provided that the definition of the Minor Group remains unchanged.

Powered by Higher Logic. Our content national cad standards v5 pdf download added by our users. Adoption of the NCS by the building design downloadd construction industry is voluntary. Notations Provides guidelines for classifying, formatting, and locating notes; using and linking notes to specifications.

The prescribed Major Group field codes fouronly. Additional guidelines include how to “build” a project-specific schedule and an organizational system for identifying and filing schedules.

Standards – National Institute of Building Sciences

The optional second character is used to further define the discipline character. The status field is an optional single-character field national cad standards v5 pdf download distinguishes the data contained on the layer according to the status of the work or the construction phase. Drafting Conventions Addresses standard conventions used in drawings: This arrangement allows users to select from a number of options for naming layers according to the level of detailed information desired.

Also includes a coordinate-based location system and preferred sheet sizes. There will be instances when project specific Major Groups will need to be created. National cad standards v5 pdf download that the mandatory Level 1 discipline character is supplemented by the optional discipline modifier 5v create a Level 2 Discipline Designator.

United States National CAD Standard, v5

The nationao Minor Group field codes four-character abbreviations shown on the Layer List are logically grouped with specific Major Groups.

The major group is a four-character field that identifies a major A typical layer name showing the required data fields building system. Schedules Sets consistency in format, terminology, and content.

Most field codes are mnemonic English abbreviations of construction terminology that are easy to remember. This tool can be used to expedite code review by designers and plan review authorities. The layer name format is organized as a hierarchy. For conceptual conformance national cad standards v5 pdf download ISOOrganization and Naming of Layers nationap CAD, the layer name format and length must be the same for all layers on a given project.

United States National CAD Standard Version 5 – What is …

A detailed list of abbreviations, or field codes, is prescribed to define the content of layers. The mandatory Major Group field is highlighted: The first character is the discipline character, and the second character national cad standards v5 pdf download an optional modifier. The Discipline Designator and Major Group fields are mandatory.

Please use this link to notify us: User-defined Minor Group field codes are permitted. It is used to organize and manage construction drawings for virtually any project and project delivery method, for the entire life cycle of a facility. Please use this link to notify us:.

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