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Please if any has a solution? February 12, at 2: Kindly send me solved question papers of 10th std on the subjects physics ,chemistry,biology,maths and malayalam. The second, keep writing the difficult words and search them in dictionary. March 30, at 4: Please tell me how can i study.

Download Maths Formulas pdf Class 9

You can organize a group study with your friends for a icse class 8 physics book pdf download. Students often try to mug up the definitions written in books and notebooks. Generally, the students stay focused on some of their favorite chapters and leave the others, but this is a weak strategy if you are planning to score good marks in Exam. You just have to work hard and study regularly.

Keep yourself focused while studying. So, be on top of your exam preparations by practicing the previous years papers that are given in this article.

Civics is all about the constitution, amendments, rights, etc. The ICSE class 10 examinations are said to be one of the best examples of examinations that can test the thorough knowledge of the candidates.

Download ICSE Class X Previous Year Question Papers – All Subjects PDF

Be dedicated towards your studies. If you find history boring then, give yourself time to time breaks while studying it, e.

All of us have thee capability to do really well. March 8, at 5: January 31, at 4: First start loving the subject and then you will see that things will start getting easy.

Focus yourself on those chapters in which you are confident. Hllo sir plz give me way to crack icse board exam with high percentage. January 30, at 8: Remember it is not always about how many hours you study but how concentrate you are and regular in your studies. Derivations, Equations, numerical, theory, there is so much which can bring you good icse class 8 physics book pdf download.

And keep your calculations neat and clean, because sometimes the untidy work is the reason for wrong answers.

I need to have class X solved paper of year of all subjects i will be obliged i you send me at my id. December 26, at 6: First go through all the chapters from the textbook and hpysics move toward the help books and other papers. Most importantly be confident.

The efforts will only work when you have the class in you. August 4, at Next important thing is regular revision.

ICSE Class 10 Papers

So, whenever you get free time or you want to take break from your studies just read some GK book. I need to have the ICSC solved question papers for last 10 years.

If you are starting from the scratch, then you should keep your basics very clear. February 13, at 7: Instead of learning answers, focus on clearing your clxss concepts of Computer application.

November 15, at 3: Economics can be a tricky subject, mainly because unlike physics, chemistry, maths etc. These short notes will help you remember and during examination you can easily do revision.