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Your input is important to us. It may damage your Motherboard. Faster than USB 2.

Also known us i. Learning the parts of Motherboard are not that hard, knowing each functions may be challenging but full of fun. This is important especially if the Motherboard drivers were misplaced or lost. IDE Connector Connects to older parts of a motherboard and their functions pdf download drive disks and optical drives for data transfer. We do hope that this Parts of Motherboard guide may downloae you familiarize and understand the basic and major parts of Motherboard and their functions.

Same goes to, if your power supply has 8 pins and the Motherboard only has 4, just split it apart to make two 2 4 pins. Connects to the 4-pin power cable dowhload a power supply unit which supplies power to the CPU.

For details on the individual back panel ports, click here for our guide to computer cable connections. See image below for a close-up view. We do appreciate your comments and suggestions to improve this guide or make it better. Various parts on it and their functions. PCI Express x16 Slot Slot for discrete graphic cards and high bandwidth devices such as top-end solid state drives.

The Major Motherboard Components and Their Functions

At the first glance, the sownload of a motherboard can appear complicated For more details on the individual front panel ports, click here for our guide to installing a motherboard. Knowing the basic parts of the Motherboard is important for all computer users. Thank you ot such a wonderful comment. Capacitor can also store electronic charge, therefore it is advisable not to touch one if the computer has just turned off. Then, leave the other 4 pins and plug the other 4 into the Motherboard.

Capable of high-speed communications and real-time data transfer. USB parts of a motherboard and their functions pdf download is a nine 9 pins header.

SATA Connectors Connects to modern hard disk drives, solid state drives and optical drives for data transfer. Motherboard has two bridges the North bridge and the south bridge.

Connects to modern hard disk drives, solid state drives and optical drives for data transfer. Understanding your motherboard components and functions is simple Colored System panel cables are positive or powered wire while black or white wires are the ground or negative wires.

Front Panel USB 3. However, these will give you a better parts of a motherboard and their functions pdf download and understanding about Motherboard. Join us as we take you on a guided tour of the different motherboard components complete with photos and plain English descriptions:.

It has both 32 bit and 64 bit versions with the speed of MBps. Floppy drive were not common today though it is still being used by some. Finding your way around a motherboard isn’t hard Connects to a mSATA solid state drive.

By typing the Motherboard model number followed by drivers GA-MAXT-UD4P drivers into search engine or manufacturer site, it will help to find the correct drivers for the Motherboard on the internet. Join us as we explain the different parts of a motherboard with pictures. The processor should parts of a motherboard and their functions pdf download compatible with Motherboard socket as the Socket Name mentioned above.

Comments I want to first and foremost register my satisfaction over your website for supplying me with the correct information that I needed on how the motherboard works. It is officially known as SATA 1.

Basic & Major Parts of Motherboard and its Functions – Techchore

The major parts of Motherboard are a bit overwhelming compared to its basic components. Front Panel USB 2. It may not be necessary but it will give functiohs a big advantage. It gives us the energy to do more. The good thing is, if your power supply only has 4 pins, it will still work just leave the other 4 connector vacant. It is powered by a 3 volts lithium battery. See image above for a close-up view. Bulge capacitors may cause different problems on Parts of a motherboard and their functions pdf download.

Connects to USB 2.

You can find me: Click here for our buyer’s guide to the best motherboard CPU combos. Basic Components of System unit. For now, at least you know what a processor socket look like, where the 24 pin ATX Power Connector is situated. As you wish, we will try functiojs keep you updated. Normally, 12V ATX power connector has only 4 pins.