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Hey thanks for your guide so far. I’m at a loss but it was very peculiar. Is this a Windows driver issue? Sign up with LinkedIn. Using ZA, win 98? Probably not but then I can at least note what is working nothing so far and what doesn’t. However, I have something showing now for dmesg regarding the firmware.

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Yah so you got doubled up on your drivers there. Wireless networking Hi Is it possible to use OS on a modern system that has wireless networking? For me it seems that driver issues airfotce the bane of using Linux, but these instructions got the WiFi working right away!

I guess that is insulting to the Broadcom developers but sorry, ‘can’t help thinking that. Hello, I am desperate! After adding the Gutsy CD to the repository, Broadcom airforce one 54g bcm4318 wireless lan was able to install the ndiswrapper packages ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-utils Free forum by Nabble.

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Woo, this worked for me with 8. It seems like it cant find the.

Puppy Linux 動作実績 その2

I just used your instructions on new install of Linux Mint I mean this was a problem with Mint 12 which is now quite a few years old, it’s a pity broadcom airforce one 54g bcm4318 wireless lan still are having a problem 4 releases down the road.

Loading firmware version I have done some mucking around in KNetworkManager, ariforce blacklisting bcm43xx, and have had no luck getting it to work.

Thanks so much Tangram, I am coming there i was able to give all the suggested commands in and it went pretty good. I see it using DPCI manager. This however is beyond the scope of this how-to.

If you haven’t already I suggest:. In a school environment this is not a good solution.

Linux/BSD: sharing experiences: HowTo: Enabling Broadcom BCM wireless on Linux Mint

Airfocre follow-up to comp. My device is a belkin F5D with Broadcom Peng Chen has uploaded photos to Flickr. Dude you really saved my bacon.

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As of Mint I believe that version 11 of the Ubuntu flavors was the last that broadcom airforce one 54g bcm4318 wireless lan detect this chipset on this computer. I would not be surprised if the wireless stops working later on sometime but at least I have your ideas and possible solutions to try out. For the benefit of Google, I’d like to include this phrase in this comment: I haven’t used Mint ever since so can’t provide any help.

Thanks for your effort! Sign up with Google. Get both ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-utils As you can see I’m kind of up in the air as to which way to go.

Broadcom wifi (BCM4318) on Ubuntu 11.10

There is a post at the Ubuntu forums that details how to do this. My wireless card picks up surrounding networks in gnome but I cannot connect.

Weird how these things happen…. I also followed the guide here: Then use dpkg to install the deb files. After following multiple outdated and up to date instructions for possible fixes, this one actually worked. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer At any rate, I feel as that broadcom airforce one 54g bcm4318 wireless lan Broadcom drivers are very poorly written.

Thanks for the feedback. I searched a lot and tried a lot but your help was decisive. I replied broadcom airforce one 54g bcm4318 wireless lan in that other thread! After hours and hours of searching, this is what worked for me. Thanks,but it didnt work unfortunately. I’ve dabbled some in the file structure of my Android phones, and now I see how similar the basic architecture is with Linux.

My device is well listed device ID and everything should work but it does not.

The fix by tangram: But since then the WiFi has never worked! I’m running on a Debian amd64 pure environment.