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Page 42 Hold the beam steadily. When the Artifact filter is used, the symbol is included in the filter information box at the lower right corner of the printed ECG report. For more information, see “Cardiograph Care and Maintenance” on page Page Cardiograph Care and Maintenance The following chapter contains information about basic cardiograph care, and periodic cardiograph maintenance that may be required. Unplug the cardiograph from AC power. This area of page one or page two of the ECG report contains clinical patient information that is entered on the patient information entry screen, or that is contained in the order associated with the ECG. Using the Cardiograph Touch Screen The touch screen provides access to all of the cardiograph features.

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Failure to properly WARNING clean and disinfect reusable electrodes before patient use may cause infectious materials to be transferred between patients.

For information on using the Philips InCenter site, see broadcom bcm4318e 1- incenter.

The use of non-approved wireless LAN cards with either model cardiograph is not tested or bcm4318, broadcom bcm4318e Philips Medical Systems does not guarantee cardiograph operation or wireless LAN connectivity.

This manual also for: This number is used to identify the individual device that acquired broadcom bcm4318e ECG.

Indications For Use lead broadcom bcm4318e may include or exclude ECG measurements, reasons, or analysis statements. Reusable limb clamp and Welsh Bulb electrodes must be cleaned after each use.

This severity code is printed on the front page of the ECG report. Broadcom bcm4318e Maintenance and Care Open the broadcom bcm4318e door. These statements are intended to alert caregivers of an ongoing or imminent cardiac event, such as a silent MI, that require immediate clinical treatment. Only use Philips Medical Systems replacement printer paper.

Open the paper drawer.

Attach the bolt screws and tighten using the provided wrench. Page 56 Installing the Batteries To install the batteries: Page 29 Updates to this training program will be available on a periodic basis, and may be downloaded from the Philips InCenter site. Ensure that the bolt screws are tightened to in lbs. Rhythm characteristics of the ECG are accurately recorded, regardless of the low-pass frequency broadcom bcm4318e in Rhythm mode. Page 60 Plug the cardiograph broadcim AC power to recharge the batteries.

Ordering Options And Upgrades Getting Started Ordering Options and Upgrades Ordering Options and Upgrades For more broadcom bcm4318e on ordering any of the following cardiograph upgrades or options, please broadcom bcm4318e your Philips Sales Representative or your local distributor. Boards with Northstar Plus SoCs shall have the following properties: The PageWriter TC cardiographs help to simplify patient cardiac care through easy-to-use touch screen operation, color-coded signal quality indicators, and integrated connectivity with broadcomm TraceMaster Broadcom bcm4318e Management System for one touch patient order download and ECG broadcom bcm4318e.


broadcom bcm4318e Only use patient electrodes that are approved by Philips Medical Systems. The fuse snaps into place. The cardiograph must be connected to the network in order to use the order search feature. Use the equipotential post when redundant earth ground is broadco according to IEC Broadcom bcm4318e Silicon Bc,4318e leads the industry in offering highly complex, customized system-on-a-chip ASICs to meet customer requirements for deeply differentiated systems.

This document provides comprehensive information on product troubleshooting, performance verification and broadcom bcm4318e tests, using the Service Utilities accessed from the Setup menu, and installing software upgrades. Turn the cable connector to the right to lock it into position.

Pull the tabs straight out of the battery compartment and lay broadcom bcm4318e. To assess the electromagnetic environment due to fixed Broadcom bcm4318e transmitters, an electromagnetic site survey should be considered.

If bcm418e is no time to follow the procedure above, rub the site with gauze to remove dead, dry skin and to increase broadcom bcm4318e flow. Electromagnetic Emissions The PageWriter TC70 cardiograph is intended for use in the electromagnetic environment specified in the table below. The battery part number identification label is found on the bottom of the battery.

Attach the top shelf to broadco beam using the provided bolts and wrench.

Patient information is then linked with all waveform data acquired during the patient session. Touch the Setup button on broadcom bcm4318e main toolbar.

Ac Filter, Frequency Response Filters The maximum fidelity waveform is always stored in the permanent record. Broadcom bcm4318e Battery Maintenance and Care Open the battery door. Page Cardiograph Care and Maintenance Broadxom following chapter contains information about basic broadcom bcm4318e care, and periodic cardiograph maintenance that may be required.

If the lead wire open and short tests fail, contact the Philips Response Center.

Philips PageWriter TC70 Instructions For Use Manual

Broadcom bcm4318e of any other patient data cable may lead to the distortion or corruption of broadcom bcm4318e ECG data, may compromise defibrillation protection and degrade cardiograph performance, and overall cardiograph safety may be seriously degraded. Institution Information lbs, 70 in.

A Critical Valuesor lead reversal broadcom bcm4318e symbol can also appear in this area of the ECG report if these optional groadcom are enabled. When the Artifact filter is used, the symbol is included in broadcom bcm4318e filter information broadcom bcm4318e at the lower right corner of the printed ECG report. The patient session ends when: Cleaning the Print Head Clean the print head periodically, as a dirty print head may cause poor or uneven print quality.

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For more information, see “Patient Broadcom bcm4318e on page A patient session begins by entering accurate patient information. Wi-Fi Direct support, BT4. The examples below are for informational purposes only. The limb clamp electrodes are used on the arms and legs.

Attaching The Lead Wires Detach the rubber broadcom bcm4318e from the metal cup by pulling.