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Now, the screen wont show anything. January 27, at 2: I think the problem is the Cmos batery, which is soldered to the MB. Tariq December 15, Hi Repairman I had the same symptoms as Diztek number 17 with the Satellite switched on, a quick whiz of the hard drive, nothing on screen then the little devil powered off. Just for kicks im sure it would remember wierd things like what you ate yesterday and it would be stored in your bios. Press the power button and it powers up for about seconds then shuts down.

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September 18, at 9: Could be memory failure. The external monitor should be detected automatically.

Can you see the Toshiba logo on the screen? July 10, at 9: Like i stated before, It turns on for maybe seconds, then shuts off.

Could be bad memory or motherboard failure. All laptop motherboards are different. Toshiba satellite a205 s5825 have started it without the hard drive, without the graphics card, and without the DVD drive, satellkte in case one of these were faulty and were causing a boot malfunction.

If the laptop works fine with the satellote monitor and never fails toshiba satellite a205 s5825 the LCD is unplugged but it fails when the LCD is plugged back into the motherboard, the problem is somewhere inside the display panel.

I removed the battery and plug in the charger and tried again but it showed the same problem. Before every so often it would turn on, and run fine for as long as i left it turned on. Nothing at all comes out of the speakers toshiba satellite a205 s5825 on the monitor.

Trickle charge could cause plating of metallic lithium, a condition that makes the cell unstable. Try reverting the operating system back to toshiba satellite a205 s5825 previous state using the system restore utility and see if the problem disappears. When the fan comes on, the TV goes black toshuba says that it has lost the monitor signal.

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I have already back panel and cleaned up a2055 fan, and memory bay, hard disk bay. If you need help servicing your own toshiba satellite a205 s5825, you can usually toshiba satellite a205 s5825 a service manual on the web with complete tear down instructions.

Is my CMOS bad? Make sure that you put correct screws into correct holes. I then need to disconnect power either mains or battery for a few seconds, reconnect power, and the same happens again and again.

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Could you help please? But the most intresting thing is that, when i plug the battery unit in and unplug the AC power it makes the same: Do you get any LED light when laptop turned on?

January 31, at 5: Tony December 11, January 1, at Peter July 31, Toshiba satellite a205 s5825 the Ram modules also. I switched it off, used a vacuum cleaner to clean up cooler and heat sink then started it up.

CMOS battery also know as RTC battery | Laptop Parts

September 13, at It would be great to get some advice because I satelite need to fix it up. The Windows XP logo is seen as it boots up, but then the video shuts off. Still the problem exists.

Does it fail the same way when only one memory module is installed?