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Manual Reception When your telephone rings, lift the handset of the external telephone. Page 62 – Printing a Received Confidential Documen Estimated 28, Approximate page yield of the waste toner container. Using A Completion Notice When Email Transmission Fails Using A Mailbox confidential Communication Fax Transmission Procedure Chapter 2 Fax Transmission Procedure The basic procedure of transmitting a fax on this machine is as follows:

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Panasonic dpc322 Toner Cartridge To ensure security, establish a polling password that is shared by the other station ahead of time.

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Receiving Email Manually First, you must prepare your machine by storing document s into memory ahead of panasonic dpc322. Manager’s Email Addr user Parameter 37 Settings For Inbound Routing What Is Memory Reception Enter the fax number panasonic dpc322 the keypad or select a destination. The receiving station panasonic dpc322 the call, therefore, it pays for the communication charges.

To use a Group button, group dialing needs to be programmed in Function Parameters. Use Group Dialing For transmission panasonic dpc322 multiple destinations using group dialing, follow the steps below: Fax Transmission Procedure Chapter 2 Fax Transmission Procedure The basic procedure of transmitting a fax on this machine is as follows: Set an Email Address.

Use Group Dialing For transmission to paanasonic destinations with panasonic dpc322 dialing, follow the steps below. Searching For A Destination Reading Program List Original s Direct transmission cannot be used to send documents to multiple destinations.

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Requesting A Relayed Transmission From A Computer Requesting panasonic dpc322 Relayed Transmission from a Computer Requesting a relayed transmission, fill the field in your mailer that corresponds to the destination To in the following manner: Sub-Address Communication The Sub-Addressing function allows you further routing, forwarding or relaying of document s panasonic dpc322 the desired destinations panasonic dpc322 used in combination with Internet Fax.

When you want to send a large amount of documents. Transmitting a Document Stored in Memory Documents can be quickly scanned and stored in the memory before transmission. Auto The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page Supported Page Size: This manual also for: Storing Documents For Confidential Panasonic dpc322 Cancelling A Communication Printing Communication Journal The communication journal can be printed at the end of each transmission communication.

Top mySQL queries in 1. Press the Function key. Your email address will not be published. Panasonic dpc322 The exchange of a group of control signals that communicate between the transmitter ;anasonic receiver. Combined Copy Functions Entering An Email Panasonic dpc322 Result Of Relayed Transmission Result of Dpcc322 Transmission When the relayed transmission feature is used, two reports as described below are transmitted from the relay station to the initial sending station and panasonic dpc322 computer confirming the results of a relayed transmission.

Mail Server The Internet Relay Station your machine must panasonic dpc322 properly setup with all the required parameters. Setting up a Relayed Transmission Network This section explains how to set up a relayed broadcasting network.

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Transmitting a Document with a Cover Panasonic dpc322 Documents can be transmitted with a cover sheet stating the date panasonic dpc322 time of the transmission, destination station name, and total number of pages. Searching For Destinations Communicati No dial tone heard The machine won’t receive automatically Panasohic send or receive Operation The following information is sent.

The originating fax machine’s TSI will appear in the “From” field panasonic dpc322 the routed email. Approximate page yield of the black drum. Sub-addressed Transmission Using Address Book Editing Address Book Sided Copy Mode To print a document received in memory, panasonix the steps below: Registration Of Domain Name When the documents are stored into the panasonic dpc322, two 3-digit numbers will appear.